We make Exhibition materials reachable for everyone in one place!

Exhibition needs space of time from their visitors.  You will get the time from the visitors with marketing, sales and of course great exhibitions and stories. Lots of people are not able to join the exhibition and meet the exhibitors because of constraints concerning travelling, time, physical conditions etc. The exhibitor product and sales materials get easily lost. With Dimcos the exhibition can be constantly open and the exhibitor brochures gain Global visibility. The exhibition will get more publicity but also income by charging the exhibitors for the new service.

How it works

  • Exhibition will have its own branded webstore to distribute the content
  • Every user is registered and the usage is automatically reported
  • The statistics can be sold to exhibitors
  • The materials are copyright protected
  • All pictures and video material are integrated into the publication
  • The content generates direct leads to exhibitors
  • Social Media supports the marketing and visibility
  • The Exhibition attracts more exhibitors and visitors

The production can be done easily and cost-effectively – the exhibitors upload the materials.

The content will be uploaded to Dimcos service where all needed technical solutions are created automatically. The service will be linked to the exhibition website. No technology development needed.

Dimcos customer service gives full support in the process. Contacts