We make Theatres attractive for people who can´t physically be in the audience

We make Theatres attractive for people who can´t physically be in the audience.

Theatre needs space of time from their audience.  You will get the time with marketing, sales and of course great acting and stories. The space and the season is limited and finally the great and huge work will disappear –maybe forever. Lots of people were not able to see this piece of art because of constraints concerning travelling, time, physical conditions etc. With Dimcos the story can be eternal and the ticket sale grows immediately. The producers, actors and the theatre itself will get more publicity and income.

 How it works

  • Theatre will have its own branded webstore to sell the content
  • Every user is registered and the usage is automatically reported
  • The written materials are copyright protected and they will also act as tickets to the show.
  • The show and video material is integrated into the publication
  • The content is distributed to over 60 000 resellers around the World
  • Social Media supports the marketing and visibility


The video production can be shot with one camera – just like you would sit in the chair at the theatre.

The content will be uploaded to Dimcos service where all needed technical solutions are created automatically.

Dimcos customer service gives full support in the process.


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