Dimcos publications are built-in with features that are designed for those needs the content creators have now and in the future, corresponding to reader/content and user behaviour.

We make publications for the Google Generation – it´s interactive

Dimcos is designed for interactive digital content economy. It’s a sales engine and store for any content publishing, commercialization and distribution.

Dimcos is the fastest, easiest and most cost-efficient tool to transform a word-document to an interactive publication. The publication may be a book, company presentation, customer magazine, learning material, product catalogue, user guide etc., no limitations concerning the number of pages.

Dimcos digital publication will be automatically transformed – after been uploaded into the system – to the publication and content store according to the corporate website image. The customer decides the pricing – the publication can be either free or chargeable.

Dimcos system contains a digital store and a library according to international standards. This feature is important when there is a need to distribute copyright-protected content in a closed environment in order to train or make knowledge dissemination to user groups being separated from each other in time and space.

Dimcos automatic payment- and reporting system that transfers the income of the content sales directly to the corporate bank account. Additionally, the system generates follow-up reports about user behaviour publication specifically.

Dimcos offers a white labelled webstore of its own to an additional customer sales channel with several languages. Dimcos provides also as a separate service an access to over 60 000 digital sales channels. – You do it, we distribute it!

 Dimcos publications are built-in with features that are designed for those needs the content creators have now and in the future, corresponding to reader/content and user behaviour.

The publishing process needs to be fast and cost-efficient without any special software skills. Dimcos has automated this working phase. Due to this automatization the material conversion cost has minimized. This enables a rapid expansion of publication volumes resulting in user volumes-based and/or monthly-based fixed user price.

The content creator wants to earn money from the publication as soon as possible without needing any irrelevant extra software tools for this purpose. In addition, the content creator wants to ensure that the publication reaches the right target group, obtains the needed visibility and there is a constant awareness of it in people’s minds and talks. For this reason the Dimcos solution contains a publication store. For increasing the visibility and user volumes, each publication made with Dimcos has the Social Media connectivity inside. Thus, the reader community itself is transformed to a marketing and sales channel for the publication. This is a unique feature.

The content creator – especially within the genre of professional and promotional publications – wants to ensure how the readers attach themselves to the publication and what kinds of needs and questions the publication inspires. For this purpose Dimcos has enabled for each reader an opportunity to interactive commenting and sharing of ideas within the publication. A reader community is created where the content creator and readers together – online – exchange experiences about the content. The access to this community is open for only registered users.

The content creator wants to monetize the content in an optimized way. Dimcos enables a business model where the content can be monetized in another than just from content sales generated revenue. The publication can be enriched with additional material, such as videos, pictures and linkages to other websites and webstores (own and/or third party). Thus, every single publication starts acting as a marketing and sales channel. The more material and more often material is published the more customer attachments and sales channels are created either for the own or third party offering. Therefore, even for free publications are created a monetization model since the publication generates profiled end users and leads to purchases from webstores. A viral omni-channel marketing and sales solution is created with dedicated customer communities with bond.

The content creator earnings are dependent on the content and content related other income. Dimcos publications protect the copyrights, the content can neither be copied, printed nor distributed illegally. Thus, the distribution of valuable and unique content is safe. Chargeable contents do not change ownership before they have been paid. Additionally, inappropriate commenting and disinformation within the publication can be removed whereupon it is no more accessible in the publication inside dialogue and in the Internet.

Customers and readers appreciate that

Content reading can be done with multiple devices

After having a pause, the reading experience continues from the same section although the reading device is changed between reading sessions.

The content can be partially previewed before the buying decision

While reading the content, it is possible to make comments and remarks and share them – if desired – with other people reading the same publication

The reading experience can be shared in the Social Media and recommend it to other people

Learning and adoption of new things is easy and efficient since there is for example in a training situation a connection through the publication to the trainer and other students

Who needs Dimcos

The generic answers are as follows: organizations and individuals with a target to earn money from digital contents either directly or indirectly.

Secondly, organizations and individuals needing substantial visibility and customer attachment for their free or chargeable contents and professional profile in their theme-specific customer communities targeting for viral omni-channel optimization.

Thirdly, those organizations and individuals who appreciate that professional publishing with built-in sociability and user interaction can be done with basic computer skills, with a target to publish in volumes different types of unique contents.

Value proposition

Dimcos is based on the following heavy rules and trends we facing in the Internet-economy.

The amount of information in the Internet is doubling each year, gaining customer share-of-time, accessibility and attachment is becoming ever more difficult.

The ongoing media disruption is substantial, readers and users are diversified into small fragments of media with the most important and dearest contents affecting people´s professional and personal lives.

Digital natives, the twenty-first century child is growing up in a media-saturated world, where information is ubiquitous, multi-modal, interactive, and increasingly, designed to persuade.

Gartner: Digital technologies — mobile, social, big data and cloud — are disrupting businesses everywhere by revolutionizing the role technology plays in our everyday lives.

Chris Anderson Long Tail Theory has already shown its power: “In a market with a high freedom of choice, the selection and buying pattern of the population results in a power law distribution curve (80-20 rule). Products with low demand or low sales volume can collectively make up a bigger market share that exceeds the best sellers.”

A new market place has been generated by the Internet. Dimcos extends the lifecycle of the publications resulting in a nearly endless presence and moderated customer interaction.

Value of Dimcos

General Business Needs Dimcos Value Creation
Differentiation with unique competence More sales due to more attachments, market share improvement
Acquiring and maintaining of loyal customer base Increased share of wallet and diminishing marketing costs
Acquiring of profiled sales leads Diminishing  sales costs due to awareness of precise customer interests through publication specific user reporting
Efficient and constant customer and business partner interactive training High service and customer satisfaction level due to constant professional dialogue. When launching a new service or product, a substantial improvement in speed and pay-back
Distribution of valuable professional material Protected and restricted distribution
Creation of new Internet-based business models An imbedded ready to go preparedness , omni-channel marketing and sales

The controlled journey towards the digital omni-channel world

The speed or adoption of the digital and social business transformation is not really depending on technology anymore, it is rather about the change in thinking and attitudes as well as in willingness to constantly explore new business opportunities.

We at Dimcos want to provide a controlled and a step-by-step approach where no big bang investments are needed and the digital omni-channel progress is controllable – since it is done publication specifically!