Green Virtual Events

Dimcos puts into practice virtual events through publications. B2B customers are able to offer to their clients an ongoing event experience beforehand and afterwards. The event itself is the physical culmination point that never stops. Event specific content entirety is produced as enriched and interactive publications which can be updated when needed.

Virtual event

The event contains both a public and a protected area. The public one promotes the event related brands and products. People joining in the event receive an open view that makes the event more tempting and results in higher visitor numbers. The public area contains product brochures and other relevant promotional publications.

The protected area is designed for special invited guests. This entirety contains the event material, discussion forum between exhibitors and customers as well as agreed number of other material to be published.

The exhibition space or showroom becomes virtual according to every brand´s specific demands.

Different pricing formats can be built in according to the offered service level. In addition, different tailored packages can be built in.

 Protected content distribution and copyrights management

The protected content distribution supports the credibility of the entire distribution network. Distribution of disinformation is prevented. Outdated and inaccurate information does not remain in the Web. In addition, only the desired target audience has access to the information.

The entirety is produced with publications forming a digital content centre where independent content creators feed their materials to an automatized publishing environment.

 Lead services and user statistics

Compared to a traditional website, every brochure, catalog or publication contains follow-up mechanisms. Event material usage publication specifically can be followed-up. When the customer is an organization, the service informs which organization is interested in the publication.

The user statistics are integrated into the publications and the event web site. Necessary consumer behavior information is directed to publishing operations and marketing. Hundreds of publications produce valuable information to exhibitors. Millions of users produce for the event organizer information about detailed customer interests – a mechanism – that can be marketed to all relevant stakeholders.