We Enable You an Interactive Museum Experience

Museums digitalize their collections to a large extent. Dimcos provides an easy way of promoting, selling and distributing museum experience and culture heritage to anyone and everywhere.

Dimcos enables museums a totally new way of competing of the valuable share of time among customers.

 Visitors are able to participate in a same moment of cultural experience with congenial people globally. Every exhibition has both nationally and internationally conjunctive elements. Dimcos enables an ongoing visitor dialogue within the exhibition guide. The good story is spread by the visitors in the Social Media. More and more people buy the exhibition experience and return to the service. The story becomes infinite.

There is no more one single moment of museum experience but everything happen independent from time and space. Dimcos provides a service that brings You to magnificent museum experiences when You decide to do it. The museums sell tickets even to them who are not able to travel.

  How it works

  • Museum will have its own branded webstore to sell the content
  • Every user is registered and the usage is automatically reported
  • The content is copyright protected – illegal distribution prevented
  • Digital material like videos are integrated into exhibition guide
  • Social Media supports the marketing and visibility

 The content will be uploaded to Dimcos service where all needed technical solutions are created automatically.

 Dimcos customer service gives full support in the process.