Leisure & Sports – Dimcos as an Omnichannel for your Brand

The ongoing media disruption is substantial, readers and users are diversified into small fragments of media with the most important and dearest contents and communities affecting people´s professional and personal lives. Digital channels are proving pivotal to how an entire organization competes, innovates and enhances the customer experience. In many cases the brand attachment process needs to be reinvented or at least carefully updated. We are moving into a world of total brand activation where pushy approaches are losing significance. They will be increasingly replaced with brand adoption that is generated through experience of value and benefits by user communities that constantly communicate with each other about their relationship to the brand.

In the Dimcos world of social publishing people attach themselves to Leisure and Sports brands communicatively and in the sense of community. Interactive publications promote attachment that results in strong brand advocacy with positive buying behaviour.

  • Brand advocacy means that your brand within leisure or sports business is promoted by true fans and brand ambassadors. Since every Dimcos publication acts both as an interactive media and a sales platform, you just need to understand what, when and how much to publish in order to receive direct orders based on the viral built-in traffic and customer acquisition generated by your loyal user community.
  • Your brand might still be unknown. Dimcos is an ideal tool for the brand attachment process from awareness rising to the buying and adoption phase and finally to the level of brand advocacy where customers become proactive and outspoken fans of your brand. Any valuable view or piece of your brand is worth social publishing!
  • Dimcos monetises the Social Media for the Leisure and Sports brands. Your theme-specific brand stories are not just another content marketing campaign but a long-lasting and controllable brand attachment with direct purchases from the publications – a process that goes on and on generating profit.