Independence and IPR Protection for Educators

Educators implement teaching methods that have been shown to be effective in promoting successful learning for all. Further, they use and create learning environments in which students are engaged, challenged, feel safe to take risks and are supported to learn. Thirdly, the educators want to build students’ beliefs in their own capabilities to learn successfully and their understandings of the relationship between effort and success. For the fourth, the educators provide regular and timely feedback to students in forms that make it clear what actions individuals can take to make further learning progress.

The educators know their students’ needs. Further, they want to reserve themselves a multitude of learning techniques whatever the topic demands and however the learning content is distributed. They don’t want to be shackled by predetermined EdTech-tools and systems for empowering optimal learning experience. The educators understand that the techniques, content distribution needs and degree of interaction may vary a lot – the same content may have several purposes and target groups, constant tailoring is needed.

This is where Dimcos comes in. We enable the educator to act as the real mentor and specialist with his/her own choice of available digital learning environment as well as concerning distribution and commercialization rules – learning material and target group specifically:

  • Learning material enrichment with available educational systems and apps, videos, pictures and accesses to other digital publications
  • Choice of distribution model – internal / external depending on the purpose and/or commercialization needs
  • Pedagogic interaction with learners inside learning material – when and if appropriate
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM) where non-violation of IPR-rights is crucial

The features above enable also creation of new heavy scalable educational content business models, not only in terms of marketing, sales and content distribution but also regarding crowd-based content production. Dimcos masters the whole content value chain.

Virtualization and commercialization of educational offering and materials as well as digital productions of different kind is a very strong ongoing trend. Dimcos has a very scalable and versatile solution for educational content business supporting many operational areas such as curriculum development, material production, program sales, training packages, student apprenticeships etc.

Dimcos represents a big scale media disruption where a single educational product forms its own media platform, web store and a new business ecosystem!