Distribute your publications

Dimcos distribution philosophy is simple but efficient. It is up to you to decide whether to distribute the content in a closed environment with predetermined target groups or in an open environment with maximum reader accessibility through Social Media and Search Engines Optimization (SEO). You decide the pricing and content generated business model: chargeable or free, revenue generation directly or indirectly – or any combinations of the former ones.

Dimcos is designed to support the Interactive Internet media mechanisms. When the readers are fond of your content, they refer to it in different Social Media channels feeding more readers and users to you. Simultaneously, information of the publication goes further to different Search Engines resulting in even more interest and demand, the interest and/or sales grows and even more people are involved within and around your publication.

We enable long-term visibility and accessibility for your valuable professional content.

Ask also for our expert services, we help you to optimize the distribution and accessibility of your professional competence creating totally new business models and earning logics.

Publishing easiness really matters, you are just a one click away to publish now!